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Moving house can be extremely stressful and the removal costs can surely add to that stress. Finding a affordable removal companies that will do a great job can be difficult, so we’ve put together some tips for finding a removal service to suit your needs whilst keeping the cost down.

Get Organised

You should create a checklist to help you keep track of where you’re up to. You can use it to note down what you need to do and also budget for what you’ll need to spend. Once you start your checklist, keep it on hand so you can update it as you think of things you may have missed. Set yourself time to complete tasks and review your progress a couple of times a week to make sure you’re on track for the big day. Check out our handy moving checklist.

Have a Clear Out

Before you try and figure out how much stuff you have to move, have a good clear out and get rid of all those possessions that you no longer need or want. Why waste time, effort, and money moving stuff from A to B if you no longer want it? By de-cluttering, you will have a much easier and potentially cheaper move. You can donate, recycle, or even sell the stuff you don’t want, to offset the cost of moving.

Compare Removal Companies

Don’t decide on a removal company without getting a few quotes first, remember to include some man and van quotes in your comparison, you’ll probably make a saving by doing so. Not sure about the difference between a man with a van and a removal company? Check out our Man & Van vs removal company guide

When comparing quotes from removal service providers, you should compare their reviews and online presence. You will want to use a company that has a proven record: Trustpilot and social media reviews are a great way to see how happy their customers are.

Removal companies will want to know exactly what it is they are moving and where they are moving them from and to. If you’re planning on booking a full removal service, you should get a home removals survey, this will allow them to calculate how many items you have to move and if there are any specialty items that need extra care and attention.

Man & Van service providers tend to charge by the hour, you usually select the van size you want and how long you think your removal will take. Check out our size and time guide for more help with this. Be careful to book as accurately as possible as there is usually a penalty rate for going over the initial booking time. This is because they usually book a tight schedule so if your booking runs late, their next customer will be less than happy.

Pack For Less

You should pack as much as you can in advance. This will save time nearer the day as you are rushing to complete those final few tasks. Many removal companies provide clients with professional packing materials, but you can keep costs down by using free materials such as moving boxes.

Ask at your local shops, restaurants, or recycling centres for any moving boxes they may have – just make sure they’re strong enough to hold what you put in them. Buying cardboard boxes for moving can work out incredibly expensive so take advantage of free items if you can get them. You could even ask friends and family if they have any.

You can also get creative with packing and use alternative packing materials. Using newspapers, magazines, or your own clothing instead of packing paper is a great way of both reusing and saving money. You can use bedding or towels to pad and protect your more fragile items such as a TV or picture frames.

Pack With Care

Remember this one, especially with the more fragile items. Don’t cram everything in and overfill the boxes. Clearly labeling each box, who’s, what, and where is a good way of doing it. Make sure your insurance covers you for the move, have adequate padding such as bubble wrap or clothing, and avoid leaving empty space.

Items that were bought flat-packed don’t tend to travel well and can easily be damaged if moved while still assembled, so you should disassemble any of these items and any large furniture if you can. Most removal companies offer this as an extra service, some do it for no extra cost. By dismantling it, you should end up with more room in the removal van.

Are You Insured?

You might find that your contents insurance may cover you on the move, but a good removal company will also hold its own. They usually have both Goods In Transit and Public Liability Insurance which means they should be covered for every eventuality.

When comparing quotes, ask what removals insurance they have and what policies are in place. You need to ensure you are adequately covered.

Avoid Peak Times

Weekends, summer months, and bank holidays are all popular for house moves and removal companies prices tend to jump up around these times due to increased demand. If you can be flexible and move on one of the less busy days or in the off-peak season, you could save a good amount. Remember that with a Man & Van service, you pay by the hour, so try and avoid traveling at rush hours if you can.

What Can Affect Removal Costs?

There are a few different factors that affect removal costs. The date of the move is one we have already mentioned, here are a couple more:

Distance – The longer the distance, the higher the costs of moving house. Most removal service providers charge additional mileage for long-distance moves, usually between £1 and £2 per mile.
How Many Items Are Being Moved – The number of items or the size of the property both play a part when it comes to removal company cost. You should let them know what bulky or heavy items you have. A 4-bedroom house will be more expensive to move into than a 1-bedroom flat for example.
How Difficult it is – Can the removal companies access your property easily? Where can they park? They will need to know this for both properties as they need to be able to park and access both. Poor access and stairs will mean that the move will take longer, and this will cost you more money.

Remember that you’ll pay by the hour with a Man & Van service so anything you can do to reduce the time they need to move your belongings will save you money. Bringing what you can downstairs, having items ready to move, and being well organised will all save time and save you money.