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Moving can be stressful, whether this is for a commercial or residential move. If you’re getting ready to pack up the house or office ready for some new beginnings, then it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin. Boxes are everywhere, and you have to declutter and figure out what boxes you need for which room. In this article, we’ll run through some handy hints and tips for backing up and getting ready for any type of move.


It can be a little scary to look in a room full of stuff and think about what you’re keeping and what you no longer need. Our tip is to have three piles; keep, donate, throw. It is also a good idea to have the piles outside the room so you’re physically moving things out, and can then see the progress in the room you’re in. If possible, at the end of the day, head to the tip with your rubbish pile and the charity shops with your donation pile. Homeless shelters, women’s refuges and hostels are also good places to drop items off if a charity shop can’t take them. In your keep pile, pack it in a box ready to go and if needs be, you can sort through it once the room is clear.

Label up

With each box, make sure it is properly labelled. We recommend adding the room it needs to go into and a rough idea of what is in there. For instance, kitchen appliances that are non-urgent (blender, toaster, slow cooker etc) we’d put; Kitchen, Appliances (non-urgent). Each box should be labelled or written on each side so when you have My Handy Van helping, it doesn’t matter which way we load the box, we can see where it should go immediately.

Make an essentials box for each room

What do you need to get set up quickly in each room? Bedrooms, you might need lamps and chargers readily available. Living room – cables for the TV, phone and broadband routers etc. Kitchen – tea, coffee, sugar, spoons, mugs and kettle. It’s these little things that make the new house feel like home a lot quicker. Being able to make a brew before you unpack the boxes will definitely make you feel better!

Using a packing service

With My Handy Van, we can help pack your home up with you as well as transport everything to your new place. We have specially trained packers and drivers so you can rest assured that everything will get there in one piece and we’ll help move each box into the right room for you. No more stress about boxes not being in the van at the right time. We’ll move the essentials over first so you can get set up while we’re getting everything else for you.

If you’re getting ready for a home move and want some professional help to do so, call My Handy Van today.