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As the new university year begins, students will now be preparing to live away from home and become more independent as adults. It is a big change but hopefully, by reading this blog you will find some guidance to make this process easier for you.

To stay organised, you will want to plan as much out as you can. Creating a checklist is the first step you should take and this will keep you on track despite all the busyness around you.

The first tip is to think of what will be practical when you get to university and to pack those things in a smart and planned way. There are lots of tutorials online that teach you life hacks to fit more into a small storage space.

If you’re unsure of what to bring with you, not to worry because we have compiled a checklist that you can use to give you some reassurance:

  • University and personal documents

This first step is vital, you want to make sure this is stored somewhere safe and you can’t lose it. We recommend placing all of your important documents such as accommodation papers, driver’s licence, passport, car documents, national insurance number, and any other documents you may need into a folder.

  • Clothing

The best way to decide on which clothes to bring is to see what your week looks like and also if you know you have any important events coming up such as formal occasions or an interview. Create a capsule wardrobe with the essentials. This way you won’t have clothes piling up high and creating clutter.

  • Electronics

Electronics is another thing that most people will want to bring with them to their university dorm. From hairdryers to phone charges, any electrical items you use on a daily basis, make sure you write them down on your checklist!

  • Toiletries, room decor, and kitchen supplies

Other things you should include are more essential items such as toiletries you use, kitchen supplies and utensils, and room decor/furnishings like duvets, pillows, photos, and mainly anything that will make you feel more at home.

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