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As we said in our earlier blog about moving office without a professional removal service, office moving can be stressful. It can be even worse if you need to clear and remove various items from the office. Doing it alone can take far longer than you anticipated and can involve multiple trips to waste recycling centres which also takes time up from what you should be doing.

Here’s why your life will be easier if you use a professional clearance company to help with an office clearance:

  • Things will move quicker – using a professional clearance company will always work in your favour. By making sure that what you need to move is ready to go, they’ll work quickly and together to move it all out.
  • It will be cheaper – hiring a van can be costly and you won’t get it for long without it eating into your budget. By using a clearance company, you’ll save on costs, and we’ll help you pack other items to ready for the move.

Using a clearance service can benefit you more than you think. You’ll be able to get everything else sorted for the office move without having to worry about removing old boxes, equipment or furniture that you’re not taking with you.

It can also help if you’re moving into an office, and it hasn’t been cleared out properly. Rather than being stressed about the mess that other people have left behind, get an office clearance company in like My Handy Van and we can help get the office cleared and cleaned for you to move in. Having someone to help with this means you can get on with getting the office set up properly when you move in. There’s plenty of other things you can be concentrating on, so let My Handy Van take the pressure off and clear your old office as well as your new one.

If you wish to discuss your office move, clearance and cleaning needs for your next move, then get in touch today and we’ll be happy to chat through your requirements.