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Are you planning to move with any pets? Are you searching for tips to reduce the stress of moving for your furry friends? Look no further, as this article can offer you some advice.

The first thing you can do to calm your pets is to maintain as much routine as possible. Try to stick to their usual mealtimes, as this will decrease the threat of any changes to their lifestyle. This can also apply to playtime and walks, especially as exercise can also help reduce stress.

Another thing you can do to help your furry friend is to dedicate a comfortable and safe space for them. They’ll most likely benefit from having a secluded place where they can stay away from the chaos of moving.

Moreover, you should give your pets entertainment in this stressful period. The distraction from the hectic nature of moving will benefit your pet as they can burn off their energy, leaving them significantly calmer and less anxious.

To make the chaotic process less jarring for your pets, you should aim to help them acclimate by preparing for the big move in a slower and steadier manner. You could do this by letting you pet examine a few boxes at a time, instead of suddenly flooding the room with them.

To keep your pet more secure and safe, make sure to place them in a quiet area of the house or another closed-off room so they don’t attempt to flee out of confusion or fear.

Additionally, you should pet-proof your home before you move in. You can ensure this by checking for any poisonous or toxic items in the house (such as plants and pest control traps), securing every window, gate, and door, and generally keeping your space clutter-free and clean.

If all else fails, you could consider anti-anxiety medication. Consider talking to your vet about CBD or other prescribed medication, as this may soothe their nerves more effectively.

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